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NJ's Commercial Lighting Specialist

At AEPS Electric, we don't believe in "one size fits all" commercial lighting solutions.  Our lighting technicians do a full assessment of each business's needs,  and custom-build a professional lighting design to best fit each customer's business needs.  More efficient lighting can reduce operational costs, our staff also makes sure that our lighting projects are designed to improve the look and function of a business workspace.


Our staff has been helping customers maximize the value of New Jersey state rebates (and there are a lot of them in New Jersey!) since 2001.  We will identify the best lighting rebate opportunities for your business and fill out all of the rebate applications for you.  You just sit back in your new comfortably lit workspace and wait for the New Jersey rebate check to arrive.   

An AEPS Electrician installing a solar parking lot light in NJ

Parking Lot Lighting

LED Parking Light_edited_edited.png

Warehouse Lighting

A NJ commercial lighting design by AEPS Electric

Commercial Lighting Design

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