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AEPS Electric, LLC. provides a full range of commercial solar installation, solar maintenance, and solar system repair services.  Although the majority of our solar system construction projects have been in New Jersey, we are also licensed and have build solar systems in Connecticut, and have built several solar systems in New York state and in Queens, Brooklyn, and Staten Island.  AEPS Electric technicians do yearly maintenance and repair on solar systems in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and as far south as Georgia.  Our partner company, AEPower Systems, Inc. helps solar system owners sell their Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs).  

There is no substitute for experience and AEPS Electric is one of the oldest solar electric system installation companies on the east coast.  We literally put in the some of the first solar arrays in the New Jersey Clean Energy Rebate Program (NJCEP).  Our owner is also an active member of NABCEP, the premier solar certification organization in the USA, and worldwide. 

A large commercial rooftop solar array installd by AEPS Electric in NJ
A carport solar array installed by AEPS Electric in NJ
A ground mounted solar array installed by AEPS Electric in NJ
A mid sized pitched roof solar array installed by AEPS Electric in NJ
An AEPS Electric technician performing solar maintenance on an array in NJ

Solar Carports

Solar Ground Mounts

Flat Commercial Rooftops

Pitched-Roof Solar

Solar Maintenance and Repair

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